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Our Story

BASED was born out of a need and a desire – the need for a plant-based, allergen-friendly spread and a desire to make it with whole foods. We dreamed of a world where the plant-based option wasn’t an alternative, but a first choice. Where flavour was fueled by whole foods and ‘free from’ didn’t mean compromise.


Could we make something that was safe for people with different diets, allergies, and intolerances to enjoy, but so delicious that everyone would want to?

We set off to find out, and to create something different.


We tried it all. Rice, oats, potato, cauliflower. And then, along came a bean. A great northern bean to be exact.


The rest is history.


Proudly plant-based, with whole foods you know, a taste you’ll love and an allergen free commitment you can trust.


Join the crew. It’s good to be different.

Summer 2022: Behind-the-scenes in the BASED R&D kitchen.

Hi, I'm Marie!

You know that need I was talking about earlier that helped create BASED? It was mine.


At 27, after many health challenges and four years of treatment for a misdiagnosis, I was diagnosed with a chronic immune system disease. The good news – I had a solution for the pain and discomfort I’d been feeling. The bad news – to unlock it, I had to cut out wheat, gluten, dairy, soy and eggs.


Finding products that fit the bill was hard, especially as someone who already didn't eat meat. Cancelling out one allergen often meant adding another, or products free from all allergens had complicated ingredients lists. In my searching, I was surprised by how many products labelled as plant-based didn’t have any plants in them at all. 


After struggling to find products that fit my new allergies and that were actually good for you, I started making my own.


When I talk to my customers, I’m reminded of how important it is for food to be inclusive. BASED is a love letter to our differences. It fills a gap in the plant-based market for products that are nut-free, soy-free and made with whole foods, and it tastes great. It’s my little reminder that challenges can have unexpected outcomes and what makes you different might lead you somewhere delicious.


Summer 2022: Our first time bringing BASED to our community.

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